Help with Logon

The Logon page allows you to access special services on this website.  Whilst logged-on you can safely and securely access features customised to your needs and privileges.  Many features are still available whilst not logged-on and some pages behave in different ways for logged-on or logged-off users.  Typically, for best experience, you should logon until you are done and then click logoff at the top of the page.

You can logon using your CUK plus your Password.  Passwords are case sensitive, so make sure you enter this with the correct letter case.

To logon you need to be a registered user.  If you are a MapMate user and are in-licence you are automatically registered - just logon with your CUK and Password.  Anyone can register even if not a MapMate user, in which case you need to Register Here.

What's my CUK? - Your Centre Unique Key (CUK) is the three character code provided with your software.  This can be a combination of letters and numbers.  You can see this if you open MapMate and choose Help > 'About MapMate' from the menus.  If you are not a MapMate user and you register, your UserName will be created automatically for you.

Lost or Forgotten Password - If you have lost or forgotten your password you will need to contact for a password reset.  Please let us know your full Name and your CUK (or UserName).  The email address you send this from should match the email address we have on file for you or we will be unable to accept this request.

Can I change my password? - Yes, do this by logging on and then select 'My Account' where you can change your password.

Expired Licences - if your MapMate Licence is expired you can't logon.  Remedy this by renewing at our Update Shop link.

Removing your Registration - to delete your account and all personal details, logon and then click 'My Account' where an option to delete will be found.  If you can't logon because you have forgotten your details and you wish to have your account removed then please write to us at MapMate Limited, Netherexe House, Netherexe, Exeter, EX5 4DZ.