Using the Exporter

The Exporter page allows you to save or view boundary files created with the Digitizer.

Note that if logged-on you will see your features and files, if not you will see the public view.  Identical functionality is available in both modes.  In public mode any line can be edited or deleted at any time by anyone.

To Export:

Select a line, choose to view on screen and/or save to a file and choose required format.

It is best to right-click the file name and choose to 'Save Target' or 'Save Link' rather than just clicking the link.

You can also select, copy and then paste the output on screen to a text file for manual saving or editing.

To use a .mif file in MapMate:

  • Save the file to your computer
  • Open MapMate
  • File > New Map > New Blank Map
  • Next..Next to last step
  • Enter a suitable name
  • OK to make this map
  • File > Import > MapInfo .mif files
  • Choose your file to Open
  • OK to import
  • Finally, View > Re-frame Map > Best fit

You can also import mif's into any existing maps - or create new blank maps (as above) and add these in as layers to other maps using Edit > Insert > Another Map.