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Help with Registration and Logon

Why Register? - Registration allows you to:

  • See when your licence expires
  • Get email alerts when checklist revisions, patches and software revisions are issued
  • Keep informed with tips, tricks and topical issues
  • Apply Patches for the latest checklist revisions
  • Use enhanced communication between users
  • Plus more features for Registered Users..

How do I Register?
- Click here to Register or follow the Register link on the User Zone page.

How do I 'logon'?
- Click here to Logon or follow the Logon Here link on the User Zone page.
When you logon you enter your CUK and a Password to access services.

I can't remember my CUK
- Your Centre Unique Key (CUK) is the three character code provided with your software.  This can be a combination of letters and numbers.  You can see this if you open MapMate and choose Help > 'About MapMate' from the menus.

I've forgotten my Password
- Please email in to support (at with your CUK and request this is reset.  You will be given a new temporary password, you can logon with this and change it in the form below.

How do I change my Password?
- Fill out the details below and click on the 'Change Password' button.
Use letters and numbers only - no spaces or special characters other than dot (.) and underscore (_).

CUK: Password: New Password:  

How do I change my email address?
- Please email into support (at on your new address, let us know your CUK and we will change the record for you.

Can I change other details?
- If you wish to change your Registered Name or other details you will need to Remove your Registration (see below) and then re-register.

How do I see my details or change options? - To see details of your account or change any options:

  1. logon at the Logon Here link on our UserZone page.  Click here to go to UserZone and see this.
  2. enter your CUK and Password provided at Registration and click the Logon button.
  3. click the My Account button once you are logged-on.

How do I remove my Registration?
- Please contact support (at and request your details are removed.

I registered and didn't receive a confirmation email - what's happened? 
If you have registered and not received a confirming email then it is likely that you entered your email address in error.  As this is an automatic system, the message would be sent out to the wrong address.  If you think this may be the case then you will need to register again.  Take care to enter your details correctly!


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