MapMate Alerts!  Issue 143


This is to alert you to a software update.  This is called "2.4.0a" - the prior release was "2.4.0" - and the main MapMate executable remains at version 2.4.0.
The basic MapMate installer (available to download from has been updated to include all patches published to date (to 524 inclusive).   It also includes a new version of the Replicator (version 2.4.1) that does not use the Microsoft "compress" utility.  This has caused problems for a few users on Windows 10.  It is safe to download the installer and run this over an existing installation and it will not affect your data (Records, References and Sites databases, nor your Maps in Map, MapList and Atlas databases) but will replace the User database with a new fully patched copy.  If you have any custom queries you will need to add these back manually (as these live in the User database).  However, we do recommend you backup your entire 'My MapMate/Data/' folder from your Documents for safety first.  If you have no issues with the Replicator making sqz files and are up to date with patches then there is no need to refresh with this.  It is intended for new users or those with existing Replication issues - or anyone wishing to get quickly up to date.
After running any patches or updates we'd suggest you always do a View > My Configuration, check your preferences, and then at the last step tick option to 'Optimize my checklist' then click OK.  Note also that with recent updates to Windows we recommend you run one patch at a time: Save each patch individually and synchronise before processing the next.

Installing/re-installing:  Note that a full new install image (version 2.4.0a) is always available to download from at any time.  Use this if you change computers or need to recover from a disaster.  The current image is patched up to and including 524 (the previous issue, "2.4.0", was patched to 487).
Training Videos:   See these at Training Videos.  The training videos are commissioned by the BSBI with kind support from Scottish Natural Heritage.  Many topics are covered for beginners to advanced use.  More have been added recently so do check these out.  Do checkout the recently updated the BSBI MapMate website and the very useful and comprehensive BSBI MapMate Handbook by Martin Rand (which is available to download or print chapter by chapter) as well as several additional mapping training videos and a page of very useful custom queries.


Issue 143     31 Aug 2020

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