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MapMate.  Unit Price £36.00.  Full product Licence (download only), Documentation, Email Support and all Checklist / Product Updates for 1 year from date of purchase.  Price for quantities 1-2 (see price breaks below for quantity 3 and more).  Note that new members to existing MapMate groups receive price breaks below - please contact your Group Lead for details. 
  Quantity Discounts:

MapMate. Group 3-24 Users.  Unit price £25 each.

MapMate. Group 25-49 Users.  Unit price £20 each.

MapMate. Group 50+ Users.  Unit price £18 each.

All users receive full product Licence (download only), documentation, Email Support and all Checklist / Product Updates for 1 year from date of purchase.  Just enter total number required above in Quantity.

  For any sales questions please contact  Groups, clubs or organisations requiring a pro-forma invoice should contact us.  For individual or group updates see our Update Shop page.
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