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Use of the Windows Clipboard in MapMate

The standard Windows clipboard allows you to Copy and Paste text or graphics between Windows programmes, using the 'Edit' menus of the respective programs or the shortcut keys ('Ctrl+C', 'Ctrl+V' or 'Ctrl+X'). Within MapMate the clipboard acts normally and you can use it to move text between forms or sections of MapMate (in the 'Data Browser' form if you choose to 'View' a record its fields cannot be copied to the Clipboard, you have to display it in 'Edit' mode (using the 'Edit' button to do so). 

If in a 'Data Entry' field you list the alternatives, with full details, by pressing 'Ctrl+B' (instead of 'F2') you can then use one in the 'Data Entry' field but it has to be Copied to the clipboard and then Pasted into the field. 

Text from other Windows programs can be pasted into the MapMate Data Entry fields, Use 'Ctrl+V' or right-click in the field to get the standard Windows menu. If you paste data into a field make sure that your selected text does not include a 'newline' character. If a 'newline' character is pasted into a MapMate field it could cause the field to contain two lines of text, only one of which may be visible (unless you move the highlight along the to the end of the first line and it moves to the beginning of the second). If that record is included in a tab-delimited text output file the 'newline' character will truncate that record and cause the following fields to appear as an incomplete subsequent record. If you are pasting text into a SQL Query Edit Window any extraneous 'newline' characters that will generate errors in the SQL, this is often a problem if you have received the SQL script via email and the lines have been 'wrapped' by an email program. 
If you find that you are unable to paste in text from an Excel file try saving the file from Excel as a text file and open that file in a word processor, from which you may be able to past the text into MapMate. 

When you want to transfer text or graphics out of the MapMate environment into another Windows program it seems as if the Clipboard in MapMate is separate from the Windows one and special procedures are needed to transfer data between the two. In the 'Analysis Results' form, if you highlight some text to paste it into another program (e.g. Excel), you have to copy it to the Windows Clipboard using the 'Copy' button (which has an icon showing two folders on the toolbar. You can now switch to your other program and Paste the text in normally.

If you want to insert a Map from your Atlas into a Word document you need to use the 'Edit' > 'Copy Map (to clipboard)' menu to transfer it to the Windows Clipboard and then Paste it into your Word document. When you select 'Edit' > 'Paste' in a Windows programme it will try to choose the most appropriate format for the data that is being inserted. It may be better to use the 'Edit' > 'Paste Special' menu, where this is available, and choose the format for the data to be inserted. In the case of Pasting a Map into a Word document 'Picture (Enhanced Metafile)' is usually the best choice. 

When you exit from MapMate anything that you have put on the Clipboard from MapMate will be cleared, if you are pasting information into other programs MapMate must be kept open until you finish transferring all the data.  


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