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Beginner's Guide to MapMate®



Conventions used in this Document

Installation and Setup of MapMate

Installation Instructions for New Users

Preliminary Settings


Initial Configuration of MapMate

Configuration Wizard

Setting Up Maps

Making a New Base Map for your area

Setting up a New Atlas

Rebuilding Atlases

Sample Dataset

Sample Dataset (continued)

About Datasets

Setup of MapMate

Updating MapMate

Setting Defaults in MapMate

Help and Support

Data Entry

Starting Data Entry

General Data Entry Technique

Data Entry Fields

Data Entry Example

Data Entry Tips

Useful Tips

Shortcut entry of Site details

General Method for Entering data into MapMate tables

Further Data Entry Details





Data Entry - Properties

Defaults (how to select and restrict the range of your database)

Using the Data Entry Form to Retrieve Records

Custom Reporting with F9

Use of the Windows Clipboard in MapMate

Data Management

Repairing the Database

Backup of the Database

To save records in a Tab-Delimited file for Export

To Locate Duplicate Records


Data Import from Tab-Delimited Text files

Beginners Excel Tips

Abbreviations and Shortcuts

Special Characters

Special keys and keystrokes




Thanks to Ken Merrifield for the original text, Fayme Yeates for html conversion and Findlay Yeates for screen shot re-capture and to the contributors to the old e-groups for tips and answers to questions posed.  MapMate Version 2.0 onwards uses Digital Maps licensed from (c) Bartholomew 2003 who should be acknowledged if your maps from MapMate are published


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