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Sample Dataset - 2

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You can view the details of the records that are plotted on the map; click with the mouse beside some of the dots and hold the left mouse-button down while you move the mouse pointer diagonally to form a rectangle enclosing the dots. A pop-up menu will appear when you release the mouse-button, choose 'Trace' from this and all the records that are represented by the selected dots will be listed. 

Records associated with these dots will now show:

Select any record from the list and click on the 'Show Record' button in the 'Trace Results' Browser toolbar and you will see the original details that were entered into MapMate. 

If you click on the 'Taxon' menu to the left of the first field and select 'View this Entry...' you will be shown the details of this species that are held in the 'Taxon' table, and you can in turn view details of the fields in this table. 

Similarly you can look at details in the other fields of the records. The 'Show all Related' menu item, obtained by clicking on the name in blue to the left of a data field, lists records associated in various ways with the value in the relevant field e.g. you can view a list of all the sites from which a particular Taxon has been recorded or the dates at which records were made at a selected Site. 

Exploring these interrelated fields should illustrate how data is stored and used in MapMate. 

You can open the other sample maps provided to see a selection of the types of maps that MapMate can produce. 

About Datasets

MapMate can hold separate sets of data, referred to as 'Datasets', the 'Sample - Pyralidae in Somerset' Dataset is provided as an example of the features of MapMate. 'Records' is your Dataset and is completely empty at installation. Re-select 'Records' instead of 'Sample - Pyralidae in Somerset' before you start to enter your own data. At the MapMate Main Screen click on the name 'Sample - Pyralidae in Somerset' beside 'Dataset' in the top right of the toolbar and choose 'Records' from the drop-down list. When you start MapMate it defaults to using your 'Records' Dataset.


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