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Setup of MapMate

Updating MapMate 

When you have finished installing MapMate the program and Taxa Library can be kept up to date from the Internet, provided that you have an Internet connection. 

To Update your Software Open MapMate, click on Replication in the toolbar and choose Help > 'Smart Software Update'.  MapMate will go on-line and check for any software update.  If any new software is available it will be downloaded and installed automatically.

To keep your species checklist up to date visit the Patches Page on the web site.  [You can always find this by going to the home page and then follow the 'User Zone' link.]  Note that only your software is updated with a 'Smart Update' - all species list and other resource revisions are provided with patches.  Full instructions are provided on that web page.  You can choose patches that match your interests only - or run all new patches to keep everything current!

Setting Defaults in MapMate

When you set up MapMate after installation you will normally select Defaults to include your local County or Vice-County area and the group that you record most often (e.g. Lepidoptera). This enables the program to find species or site names quicker as it does not have to search through all the species in the full list, or sites outside your area (this would mainly apply if you have Synchronised records with other users and incorporated their records). However records of species or locations that are not included in your defaults will not be shown in queries on the database and may seem to have disappeared; this can cause confusion if you do not know why it has happened. It may be best to leave your Defaults set to 'All' initially until you are used to the program, unless you only record from one group or area.  See Setting Defaults.

Help and Support

MapMate has a, context-sensitive, Help system. If you press the 'F1' key you will be shown the Help screen most appropriate to the part of MapMate that you are using. Alternatively you can select the 'Help' > 'Help Contents' > 'Index' menu and browse the Help Index or type a word into the 'Help' > 'Help Contents' > 'Find' search field. If the word that you are searching for is not found within the Help files try to think of alternative words or names that may have been used for the same subject in MapMate. A lot of work has been put into setting up this 'Context Sensitive Help' but it seems that many users do not think of using the 'F1' key when they need assistance in using MapMate. 


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