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Setting Up Maps

You have now completed the initial configuration of MapMate, the next step is to set up the mapping features of MapMate for your area and species groups. If you are intending to use MapMate mainly as a database, without making use of the maps, you could now go to the section of this document on Data Entry. You can set up the maps later, when they are needed, but as they are an integral part of MapMate it is worth spending some time at this stage to set them up. 

Making a New Base Map for your area

You have to start by setting up a Base Map for your recording area, usually your home county. This is then used as the basis for the species Atlas for your area. You can make additional Base Maps for other areas where you record. 
From the MapMate Main, or Opening, screen select the 'File' menu then 'New Map' > 'Base Map Wizard'. 

The 'Create a New Base Map...' form enables you to select your County (or Vice-County by its number) and set options for the extra information displayed on your map. Select the location for your map e.g. Somerset (if you record in a number of areas you can subsequently set up Base Maps for each). Leave the Options at their default values for your first map and click the 'OK' button. 

MapMate will display a 'Creating New Map, please wait' message and then the map will be displayed on the screen. 



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