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Please Note: If you are Registered and trying to register because the Replicator is telling you that you need to register then...
you need to update your software to Replicator version 2.4.2. Download the latest installer from
Once downloaded, right-click the installer and choose to 'Run as administrator'. This may say 'repair' - just proceed with that.
When done, start MapMate and do a View > My Configuration. Make sure all interests are ticked off and at the last step
ensure the option to 'Optimize' is ticked. Confirm your Replicator version in the Help > About menu.


Registration provides you with additional free services.  Get email alerts when new software, patches or checklist revisions are issued.  Access Patches for checklist revisions.  Enjoy new communication features and lots more.  For more details or help see Registration Help.

Please fill out the details below and then click on the Submit button.
CUK enter your 3 character CUK here (see MapMate Help > 'About MapMate')
Title Mr Mrs Miss Dr etc
First Name enter your first name or initials, or organisation acronym
Last Name enter last name or surname or organisation
Email enter your email address
Repeat Email enter again - to confirm your email address
Password enter a password you will use to access services.
Use letters and numbers only - no spaces or special characters other than dot (.) and underscore (_).
Privacy:  Your details are used only in the way intended and as prescribed by your personal choices.  Your email address is never passed to any other party.

What happens next? After you click on Submit below you will receive a confirmation email containing a security code.  You need to follow instructions in this email to activate your account.  This allows us to confirm your email, identity and eligibility and helps prevent unauthorised access to these services.  Your security and privacy is important and we take all steps to ensure this is protected.  This service is open to any user with a current MapMate Licence.  Once your registration is confirmed you can access your account and choose options like receiving our electronic newsletters etc.


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